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2月19日(日)マリとバングラデシュの子供に贈る 荷造りボランティアを行ったことをご報告いたします。 雨上がりの午後、持ち寄った衣類、文房具、楽器、玩具、サンダル等をまごころ込めて荷造り。マリはコナリー博士(現マリ大学教授)、バングラデシュはジャマル博士(現バングラ農業大学教授)が現地で配布します。お二人は日本に留学し、日本をとても愛し、支援活動にずっと協力してくださっています。February 19th (Sun) The Asian Kids Care packing volunteers for children in Mali and Bangladesh. We packed the clothes, stationery, musical instruments, toys, sandals, etc. that we had brought them with our love & true heart. These will be distributed locally by Dr. Konare in Mali and by Dr. Jamal in Bangladesh. They studied at a Japanese graduate school, love Japan, and have been cooperating with AKC’s support activities for a long time.

また、2月2日~8日のフィリピン訪問を参加者に報告。支援物資を現地の人々に配布し、喜んでくださったことをみんなで共有。現地の笑顔は日本でも同じ喜びに包まれて笑顔の連鎖。世界中の子供たちに、笑顔と平和と幸せが訪れますように。ご協力いただいた皆様に心から感謝します。By the way, I introduced the participants to my visit to the Philippines from February 2nd to 8th. AKC distributed relief supplies to many people and they were very happy. The smiles of the locals were filled with joy in the same way in Japan. May children all over the world be blessed with smiles, peace, and happiness. Thanks to all the collaborators. God bless you.

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